flight flight [flaɪt] noun TRAVEL
1. [countable] a journey by plane:

• The airline began the regular flights to Santiago less than a year ago.

• a return flight to Hong Kong

2. top-flight , topflight a top-flight manager is one who is in a very high position in an organization and who is very good at the job:

• It is worth investing in a selection procedure to find a top-flight sales person.

3. [singular] ECONOMICS the rapid movement of money, goods etc out of a country or particular type of investment:

• The country experienced a flight of capital as investors put their faith in more favourable economic climates

The flight into gold and dollars has produced a dramatic leap in black-market rates.

ˌcapital ˈflight [uncountable] ECONOMICS
when large amounts of money are sent out of a country because of fears about its economic future:

• There is only one good solution to capital flight: governments must restore confidence by adopting sensible policies.

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flight UK US /flaɪt/ noun [C]
TRANSPORT a journey in an aircraft: »

You should leave now or you'll miss your flight.

a flight to/from sth »

She is booked on the 8 a.m. flight to New York.

domestic/international flights »

The company operates eight domestic flights in Finland.

scheduled/charter flights »

The price includes accommodation and return scheduled flights.


long-haul/short-haul flights

ECONOMICS a situation in which people or goods move quickly away from a place to escape a bad situation: »

He added that he didn't think there was a risk of flight of city employees.


A return of financial calm to the country should reduce capital flight.

the top flight — Cf. the top flight

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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